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starship-design: PseudoScience?

I did not say I believed everything in those web pages. Some of these so
called "Contactees" are about the weirdest people around. 

I'm currently having to contend with two groups: 
A: So called "pseudoscientists", who believe every crazy idea that comes
B: So called "hard scientists", who refuse to listen to facts that are
unusual or hard to accept.

Both groups are wrong. We need to have conclusive proof of theory before
accepting it, but the scientific community needs to listen to new ideas
and try them. I really don't care if it violates physics, as several
things have before, and we use them today. The scientific community has
become hotheaded in thinking we know almost everything there is to know.
We don't know 1/1000th of what we think we know. I suppose this is human

I wonder why no one is cut down when bringing in a concept like
"cellular universe" or Lorentz contraction, (neither of which has been
proven, which violates everything said here), but when I bring up a
concept, I'm instantly shot down with a barrage of messages
whose basic line is: don't bring up something you can't prove. If you
want some example of commonly accepted science that has never been
proved, e-mail me. There's something not right here if unproven ideas
invented by proffesionals are accepted, but amatuer's ideas are canned.

Kyle Mcallister

P.S.: I'm not taking this personally, but speaking in the name of