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Re: starship-design: ZPE pages

I have looked at the URLs you gave, and here goes my opinion.

> From: kyle <stk@sunherald.infi.net>
> You wanted references? Here they are: And I have more.
> http://www.tyrian/IPS/MR/00000190.html
Should be: http://www.tyrian.com/IPS/MR/00000190.html
Contains a bibliographic entry only:

Puthoff, H. E.
    Source of Vacuum Electromagnetic Zero-Point Energy
    Vol. 44, N.5, p.4857-4862
    Physical Review A --Nov 1,1989

>From the title it seems to be a speculation as to the possible
physics behind ZPE. Certainly does not signify near possibility 
to construct and use ZPE generators.
If I am mistaken, please scan and send us (the relevant fragments of)
the text of that paper.

> http://www.padrak.com/ine/index.html
> http://www.newphys.se/elektromagnum/
> http://zenergy.com/
Sorry, all these sites display very marked features of 
pseudoscience. Extraordinary claims of simple
devices generating kilowatts of "free energy" but
none of them repeatable by others than their designers.
Although one cannot dismiss altogether that some
of these ideas might one time prove to be viable
(though I personally doubt it), one certainly cannot
claim that we have already, or will have in near future, 
ready-to-use "free energy" devices.
Show me either REPEATABLE experiments with sound
physical/theoretical explanations why they work,
or a company selling with profit the energy from
their "free energy" plant. 
Then I will give the matter a second chance.
As yet, I see there only unsubstantiated claims
and a lot of outcry about "conspiracy" of scientists and
governments to suppress the activity of "free energists"...

> I'm no fool, I am a scientist, and I don't just accept any idea that
> comes along. Perhaps "professional" scientists are to "good" to listen
> to us amatuers? Amatuers flew first, built phones first, TV's, etc.
> Listen to us more.
I will listen when they deliver.

Personally, I think you waste your time being too excited
and preoccupied by unsubstantiated claims of pseudoscientists.
You would made better use of your enthusiasm and intelligence
learning some more hard science (though it is sometimes hard on 
gray matter, I know... ;-). 

It is for your decision, though.

With best & friendly wishes

-- Zenon