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Re: starship-design: antimatter fountain: popsci article

jimaclem@juno.com wrote:
> Well, here's the short of it.  It appears that a magnetic field of
> sufficient field density might act like a mass.  By constructing a series
> of magnetic, probably superconducting, arrayed as to produce a set of
> interference nodes, one of constructive interference, and others of
> destructive interference, with the constructive node contained within the
> destructive nodes, for shielding (for lack of a better term), and
> operating at a resonant frequency, (I don't know what yet), a micro
> sized, artificial hyper mass might be made.  This concept might also
> prove able to generate sufficient field strengths to contain large masses
> of antimatter, as well as the old science fiction idea of "force fields".
> Tell me what you think.

Ah, I see now. I had similar ideas, but everyone kept telling me they
were impossible. I think your idea would work, and I am already
beginning to work with such things. Be VERY careful with devices like
that if you try them, since a hypermass of that small size and ultrahigh
mass, could theoretically become a Micro black hole. That could be great
for energy/propulsion, but very dangerous. Good idea!

Kyle Mcallister