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starship-design: Re: Magnetic Monopole


In response to a letter you wrote to Steve (and SD):

>>One has to be careful interpreting the behavior of a compass.  For
>>example, a non-magnetized lump of iron would show similar behavior;
>>depending on which end of the compass you brought closest to it first,
>>that end would keep pointing at the lump for as long as you kept the
>>compass nearby and didn't shake it too much, because the magnet of the
>>compass needle is attracted to the iron lump.  Your measurement is
>>definitely not conclusive.
>I pointed the south side of the compass at the monopole, and it changed
>direction. I tried testing it with another permanent magnet, which
>quickly began to vibrate, and tried to switch sides. (N/S)

Can you explain that again? There are some unclear parts in the lines above.
Did the south-side of the compassneedle point towards the monopole all the time?
Did you do this over the whole surface (so not just in one plane)? (Keep in
mind that the magnetic field may not be symmetric.)

>Its a dipole, but with monopolar qualities. A south field is produced
>(and only south) on the inside of the device, and only north on the
>outside. I still think its useful though.

Being this convinced with such rough measurements is usually not likely to
help you...


P.S. As about "How does magnetism warp gravity? Anti-gravity?" and
     "What are the charachteristics of a magnetic monopole?", I agree
     with Steve.