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Re: starship-design: Curious

Timothy van der Linden wrote:
> Well, you first asked Steve about FTL, then me about negative gravity, and
> now Ken about space distortion.

I'm simply trying to get the opinions/theories of each person, and then
compare ideas. I have asked many others about such things, also.
> >>What are you up to? ;)
> >
> >Very many things. Theoretical, most of it; If sucessful, it could bring
> >new propulsion ideas to SSD. Have I done something wrong?
> No, nothing wrong, I'm just curious.
> And now after you wondering of doing something wrong, I'm even more curious :)

I thought maybe SSD was getting tired of my asking questions. In my
message "black holes, and everything else", I wrote: "To All:", which
indicated a general query to all SSD members. If I write "to
(someone):", it is intended mainly for that person, but if someone else
has information on that subject, they are welcome to share it. When I
ask only one person, I send private E-mail. Sorry about the confusion.

Kyle Mcallister