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starship-design: Black Holes, and everything else

Hello Ken

Can black holes distort space severely? If so, I have a theory to
explain the gravitation problem you mentioned.

To all (including Ken):

Some questions:

If you can exceed C, if there was some other environment in which C was
faster than 300,000 m/sec, could you legally exceed that region's
lightspeed if you were travelling faster than that limit? If so, I've
thought of something...

What happens in a casimir cavity exactly?

What happens when a casimir generator is built in the shape of a sphere,
to the interior of the sphere? (charged spheres between on another)

Why is light sped above C in a casimir cavity? Is it really FTL, or just
C increased?

I know this is off the subject, but:
A final thought: We have found no magnetic monopoles as of yet. I know
why. If you think about it, you'll see its very simple. Remember

Kyle Mcallister