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Re: starship-design: I have many questions...

In a message dated 7/10/97 5:22:27 PM, stk@sunherald.infi.net (kyle) wrote:

>I am working on something and wish to get my underlying physics correct
>(Steve, you taught me to do this) and have some questions I hope some of
>you can answer:
>1: If you were placed at creation beyond lightspeed, could you continue
>being in an FTL state?
>2: If you are beyond lightspeed, can you continue accelerating?
>3: Can light be slowed down in a medium to less than 99.99c?
>4: If you are beyond lightspeed in a dense medium, what happens? (it has
>5: If you are travelling FTL, can you ever slow down below c?
>Kyle Mcallister

Depends on whos theories you by, or how you got to hyper light.  Tacyonic
theiry suggests that in tacyon space (for want of a better word) everything
is like here, all the normal laws work, but your going hyperlight.  You don't
notice it because your sublight in that universe, but FTL to us, and we seem
FTL to you there.  If you decelerate to a stop in that universe (land of
imaginary numbers) you would be going infinate relative to us.  Accelerate to
lightspeed and you'll be at light speed to us also.