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starship-design: Raise the limit?


I was wondering about FTL travel, and ask myself "why do we really need
it?" To get somewhere fast. Why not abandon FTL until physics gets that
far and simply travel without traversing the space between two points?
You could theoretically travel from any point to any point without
having to exceed the speed of light, AND taking a very short travel time
in earth's reference point. 

One other possibility: the speed of light can be raised, so why bother
with FTL? Just boost the speed of light to say, 150,000,000,000 m/sec?
One question: how much energy is needed?

One last thing: relativity does NOT (for me) explain superluminal
velocity of quasars. I know the velocity trick, but isn't that
contradiction with the Lorentz transformation addition of velocity?
Maybe they just didn't want to get into something real hard to explain.
Or maybe I misunderstood.

Kyle Mcallister

P.S.: Please don't hassle me with this being to speculative: we have
recently entertained even more speculative of ideas than this.