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Re: starship-design: Re: Aliens

In a message dated 7/4/97 6:38:09 PM, TLG.van.der.Linden@tip.nl (Timothy van
der Linden) wrote:

><WARNING - Off topic letter>
>You wrote that Kelly had a point that if aliens exist, they should give away
>some hints.
>I ask you: Which hints?
>Why would the aliens not wear special suits that are near 100% bioshields?

If anything leaks out.  It sould stand out like a neon sign.  (HEY!  This
species of microbe doesn't use our kind of DNA!!)

>As many suggest, aliens might cause an unwanted psychological effect
>(apathy, hysteria) in most cultures. A reasonable alien race would not just
>make contact without thought. Therefore it is likely that they still hide.

This ones kind of a bogus prejudice on 20th century types part.
 Historiocally human cultures routinely ran into alien non person cultures.
 Ok, most were just the next tribe over.  But to them that was as shockingly
alien as aliens would be to us.  The tribes seldom wen't hysterical and
colapsed at the site.  If they were in conflict they fought.  If not they
tried to trade or ignored one another.

If ET drops in to D.C. next week I expect the same patterns.

Besides.  We never worry much about droping in on aborigional cultures.  Do
you expect every other culture in the galaxy to to be more paraniod and anal
retentive then us?

>Why don't we see their energy signatures? I don't know, they may have tricks
>to hide those too. (Coming from behind Sol?)

>From the power numbers Kyles been throwing about, that wouldn't be enough!