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Re: RE: starship-design: Go Starwisps

In a message dated 7/4/97 12:14:25 AM, lparker@cacaphony.net (L. Parker)

>>Assuming the drives are related.
>[L. Parker]  I wouldn't assume any such thing, probably the opposite...
>>Never trust, verify the data and plan for the worst.
>>[L. Parker]  That is the point of multiple approaces to verifying the data 
>>BEFORE sending people.

But a pre flight robot probe probably can't do this.

>>>They are made e.g. for reasons of survival...
>>>Irrelavent in this case since they would be dependant on Sol for survival.
>>> Actually coplonies are never made for survival of the species type
>>>eaither, and such a colony wouldn't help that significantly.
>[L. Parker]  No, they are made for reasons of politics, of prestige and of 

No, usually money.  Sometimes escape from some powerfull group.  Never heard
of a successfull colony made for prestige.  How could it be used for

>> Sorry, would be colonists are nuked from orbit as part of the decontaminati
>> proceedure.  ;)
>[L. Parker]  Your'e kidding I hope?

Maybe, maybe not.  Its an arguable policy to limit ecological damage to the
planetfrom the colonists biology.  Eiather way their dead.