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starship-design: Re: Why go to the stars? - Lee


>You have a point about rich people might not want to leave Earth. But what
>if some group like the Southern Baptists have a big TV telethon to raise money 
>(something they are real good at) and build their own colony ship.

OK, they might succeed to transport a few dozen of people, but then what?

If you need to spent so much effort to get away from authority, there must
be other easier solutions as well.

I reason for development is not just being free of authority, it is more
likely that "being not easy, but being hard" will spark development.
Hard situations do mean that you have to be more inventive to survive (or to
live in luxury). This inventiveness combined with new views of the universe
is what may result in spectacular development.

I doubt if the Baptists really will discover new ways. They may discover
that hard labour is essential to survive there. Ha, I guess that would be a
real discovery for them ;)