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RE: starship-design: Go Starwisps

> From: "L. Parker" <lparker@cacaphony.net>
> I am about to shoot myself in the foot here...
> Personally, I would even volunteer to spend the rest of my life on a survey 
> ship just going from star to star, perhaps not ever returning to Earth in 
> several human lifetimes. I would even take a one way colony mission if I 
> KNEW there was habitable real estate at the other end.
> I know, I argued vehmenently against one-way missions and the reader
> should try to distinguish my personal preferences from what I believe 
> is realistically possible.
I personally think that vehement arguing against
was the real shot in the foot...

Many things considered realistically impossible 
have been made possible by the people fighting for them
instead of arguing against them, contrary to their preferences...

-- Zenon