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starship-design: Xprize

Subject: X-Prize competitors announced
From: "Clark S. Lindsey" <lindsey@particle.kth.se>
Date: Sun, 02 Mar 1997 15:09:49 +0100
Message-ID: <33198A2D.256A@particle.kth.se>

In case you missed it, the X-Prize Foundation announced Friday that
10 competitors have been officially registered so far. Here is the
list from their press release:

    #1 Mr. Burt Rutan, President, Scaled Composites.  Rutan is best
known for
the Voyager aircraft which flew non-stop around the world without
    #2  Mr. Gary C. Hudson, President/Mr. Bevin McKinney, CEO, HMX, Inc.
Hudson and McKinney have been designing and building launch vehicles for
a decade.
    #3 Dr. Robert Zubrin, Co-Founder, Pioneer Rocketplane. Zubrin is the
inventor of several innovative space propulsion concepts.
    #4 Dr. Rick Fleeter, Founder, PacAstro.  Fleeter is a leading
developer of
microsatellites and has recently entered the launch business.
    #5 Mr. James Akkerman, Founder, Advent Launch Services.  Akkerman
worked for NASA since the Apollo Program.
    #6 Mr. John Bloomer, Founder, Discraft Corporation.  Bloomer is an
aerospace engineer who holds more than 60 patents.
    #7 Mr. Mickey L. Bagero is currently on active duty in the US Air
He plans to begin the construction phase of his entry at the conclusion
of his
    #8 Mr. William Good, President, Earth Space Transport System
ESTS provides computer consulting and programming to major aerospace
    #9 Mr. Paul F. Tryon has worked for McDonnell Douglas and Bell
and has over 34 years of experience in aeronautical engineering.
    #10 Mr. John Ashford, Founder, Bristol Spaceplanes Limited.  Mr.
has written extensive technical papers on the subject of space tourism.

Where is David Burkhead's SpaceCub?

For more info see the X-PRIZE Web site at www.xprize.org
and http://www.xprize.org/people/competitors.html.

Clark S. Lindsey,         lindsey@particle.kth.se
Physics Dept. - Frescati  http://msia02.msi.se/~lindsey/lindsey.html, 
Royal Institute of Technology(KTH), 
Frescativ.24,10405 Stockholm, Sweden tel:46-8-16-10-74,