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Re: starship-design: my $0.02 (finally)

In a message dated 2/9/97 3:34:11 PM, lparker@cacaphony.net (L. Clayton
Parker) wrote:

>> 4) wish list:  tapping the zero-point energy. estimated to be 1E16 per
>> cubic centimeter (not sure about number, maybe 1E18.... anyone know the
>> real figrue)  The problem with this one is thermodynamic.  where do you
>> find the "cold sink" (the place with little or no zero point energy) to
>> generate the gradient.  or, how do you convert zero point energy into
>> matter and antimatter?  Virtual particle drive anyone?
>Ahh, now this idea I like. I have never really seen a good explanation of
>zero point energy, but what little I know sounds promising. (There is a
>rumor that even NASA is looking into this.)
>Lee Parker

Hi Kev, long time etc..

Yes, recent issues of Ad Astra and Final Frounteir covered the NASA group
looking into exotic theories for star travel.  The Ad Astra issue also had
some detail on theoretical ways to generate electricity from the Zero-point
energy potential between two plates and the universe beyond them.  No idea if
it would work or be practical thou.