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RE: starship-design: Dr. Forward

>Opps, retract previous post.  I was confusing Forward with Bussard.  What did
>we have of Forwards that was copywrited?  

A book excerpt submitted by Lyle Fuller.  Gone now.

>For that matter, whats on the LIT site? (My web access is flakey at the
>moment.)  Did you upload integrate the stuff from your workstation?  Or
>download the newsletters to someplace accessable?

Heh... um... not yet.  But I'm starting to get mail from
people complaining about broken links and such on the
old site - so I'm really planning on moving the new site
over as a whole very soon.  I know - you've heard this
from me before.  But I actually see some light at the
end of the tunnel.  I think I might actually have a few
free hours next week.