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starship-design: Re: The "So-called" Twin Paradox

Hi Rex,

I had wondered why you had not continued the discussion about the Twin
Paradox, since I know your ideas which did not agree with what was written
in Steve (VanDevender)'s last letter from 11/29.

>What difference in their experiences can be used to tell that Paul
>will be the younger?  (We can turn Peter's house upside down at
>the one-quarter and three-quarter "turnover" times, etc.)
>If neither looks out the window, how can they explain the
>difference in their "trip" times?

Probably one can always "trick" someone in a local environment. So to find
the symmetry breaking factor in the Twin Paradox you *need* to look at a
global (non-homogeneous) environment.

This is why it is called "relativity", this word almost inherently means
comparison between global points.