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Re: RE: starship-design: New to List

>From:  Flinn, Lora[SMTP:lflinn@ja2.jsc.nasa.gov]
>Sent:  Wednesday, December 04, 1996 12:21 PM
>To:  Star Design
>Subject:  starship-design: New to List
>My name is Lora and I am new to the list. I work at 
> NASA in Houston as an audio engineer and sound designer 
> for JSC's television contractor.  I have been enjoying the 
> list for about a week now. I have noted the discussion 
> is focusing on Stellar drive. 
>Has the Plasma Engine, being developed By Dr Franklin 
> Chang Diaz been discussed? If not I can gather some data 
> and submit to the list. It uses plasma contained by magnets. 

Welcome to the discusion Lora!  Hope you enjoy it here.
You might want to check out the website we have which have old discusions and
articals written up on topics.  A new one in work

The new site we're using for the new draft documents are at:


Our old web site (with back newsletters) and other material is at:


The school of starship design is the part you'ld be most interested in.

Not sure what you mean about the plasma drive.  Couldn't hurt to upload some

It sounds like a small low power thruster idea I heard about for satelight
station keeping.  We have tossed around lots of drive ideas, some using
plasmas.  Basically we need a HUGE amount of power for thrust.

Anyway, welcome to the group.

Kelly Starks