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Re: starship-design: Stellar Engine Page...

> From: Breedztar@aol.com
> Thought some of you might be interested.... Some of you might've already
> found it, but it can't hurt to say once more. This is a page about a Stellar
> Engine theory using fractal shape changing robots..
Not exactly. The stellar engine concept 
(discussed previously on this list)
is quite separate from the fractal robots concept.

> Take off the stellar.htm
> to get to the fractal shape changing robots page. 
Another interesting fractal robot concept was elaborated in 
R. Forward's book Rocheworld, under the name "Christmas Bush".
The book is interesting also because it pictures a one-way,
laser-beam/sail powered mission (to Barnard's star, ~6 ly away),
and discusses rationale for such a type of mission.

-- Zenon