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starship-design: new email...

hi everybody this is ben i participated alot in the summer incase you don't
remember me. anyway i have two things to say.

#1 please check out my starship-design homepage and tell me what you think.
mostly its just put together from some web pages of some members. of course,
i plan on adding more as time goes on. also, tell me if there are other
starship-design pages out there. also, david or steve v., i dont know who it
is i should ask, but do you mind? does anyone else mind?

#2 i want to start a #starship-design channel on the undernet (internet relay
chat) and i need 10 email addresses. of course i could get them from when we
used to have the CC list, the reason i am asking is out of courtesy. all you
do is tell me i can use your email address and when i have 10 i submit a
petition to undernet for the creation of a #starship-design channel.. i don't
know how popular this would be, but hey, any new medium is good. if anyone
has questions about irc, just email them to me directly, not over the
starship-design list.

also, i lost track of the new LIT site address. can someone email me it?