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starship-design: Re: Twin paradox

Hi Nick

Twin Paradox?  There really isn't any.

All you have to do to dispel the notion that there is a "paradox"
is to ask: What does each twin see when he looks out his window
during the "trip?"  The one who sees the UNIVERSE "moving" will be
the younger at the end of the trip.

I discuss the issue of the twin "paradox," for both uniform and
accelerated motion, at some length in my Paper "An Engineering
Review of Relativity for Interstellar Flight."  I have success-
fully sent copies of this Paper via email to Timothy and Steve.

Rex  <DotarSojat@aol.com>  (Rex Finke)

P.S. I, too, feel that a manned mission to a star should be for
colonisation, not just for a probe.  (To Mars, also.)