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starship-design: Re: Light RamScoop?

>>>What about light scoops?  Could we use lasers reflected off of outriding
>>>light sails?  The sails would need to tack back and forth on the beem.  But
>>>could reflect the beam back in toward the line of flight.  Pushing material
>>>inward toward a smaller scoop.  This would seem to avoid the drag problem,
>>>but I've no idea if they would be worth the trouble.
>>Where does the laser come from? If it comes from the ship, it will push the
>>ship back.
>True, thrust gain from the added scooped mass would have to be greater that
>the reverse thrust for the system to be practical.
>>At the moment I can't ask more detailed questions, since I'm not 100% sure
>>of the configuration.
>>For example how are you going to "tack the sail back to the ship"?
>If the mini-sails are ahead of the ship and pointing forward and outward.
>The mini-sail will reflect the beam inward and forward, and the mini-sail
>will be pushed outward and forward.  If the sail turns back inward.  It
>will reflect the beam outward and backward.  The mini-sail pushed inward
>and forward.

OK, but how do they get towards the ship again? (instead of only nearer to
the path of the ship)

I also have doubts about the efficiency, pushing particles over many
thousant kilometers, getting them just in front of the ship at the right
time seems extremely difficult (if not impossible).