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Re: starship-design: Did Deepflight fly?

At 1:12 PM 10/25/96, Kelly Starks x7066 MS 10-39 wrote:
>I was woundering if any heard if the deep Flght submarine started testing
>yesterday like it was supposed to?  The DeepFlight is Graham Hawkes
>composit and plastic deep diver.  Its the size of a small sports car, has a
>clear plastic nose the pilot lies prone in, handels like a mini aircraft,
>and is rated for the bottom of the Marianis treanch (7 miles down).  (Cheak
>out the web page.)
>Kelly Starks

OK, I ansered my own question off the web.  The 1000 meter depth prototype
did its first test flight/dive yesterday.  Pictures at following site.



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