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starship-design: Re: Solar sail breaking

Hi Nick,

>(The photons is reflected, so its change in momentum is twice the magnitude
>of its initial Doppler shifted momentum. I think that the reflected photon
>is of the same -shifted- frequency of the incident photon, since otherwise
>the solar sail would have to absorb more energy than it radiated, and this
>surely cannot be a theoretical requirement;

The sail does radiate more energy than it receives. How else are you going
to stop the starship and loose kinetic energy.

>I need some help on the following point. Does time dilation result in the
>high velocity starship intercepting more photons per unit time than an
>observer in orbit around the star sees the star emit in the ship's
>Does relativity really increase both the impulse gained from
>each photon AND the photon flux (in the ship's frame)? I don't know enough
>to answer this, and I'm too tired to think about it now. If the aswer to
>this is yes, than I think some serious modelling of the sail brake should
>be done immediately. Please could someone answer this for me as soon as

No, either count the amount of photons, or use their frequency. Don't use
both particle and wave mechanics. (Rex, please tell me I'm right.)