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starship-design: Stellar drive (possible hole)

> So you  could just as well (even better) use a laser to generate "local
> momentum".

but i thought that the photons  weren't exchanged in a magnetic field
unless there was something to react with.

but the main problem I see with this drive is when the magnetic
field reacts with the supposedly "inert" other end.  in the  description,
it was said that you have two coils separated by long distance.
and only one of them is on at a time (roughly speaking)  but
when the second(drive end) switches on, it's magnetic field _will_
react with the unpowered coil at the other end.  specificly, it will
generate an electrical current.

> >P.S.
> >Is momentum always conserved?  If you mix a mater and anti-mat
> >partical, is their momentum carried over to the resulting photons?
> Yes, not a tiny bit of momentum gets lost.

So if I have 1 Kg of Matter moving in the +x direction,
and it hits 1 Kg of anti-matter moving in the -x direction,
what happens to the photons?  If the move in any direction, 
then you have violated conservation of momentum.

If you say they move in all directions evenly, (which is likely)
then what happens if the two mass streams (matter and anti-matter) 
approach from a 45 degree angle.  does the light shine in one
direction preferentialy?