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starship-design: NTR site

FYI for new nuclear rocket concept.

Kelly Starks

> Subject: Re: Nuclear Rocket Engines??
>From: FilipPC.DeVos@rug.ac.be (Filip De Vos)
>Date: 26 Sep 1996 03:27:50 GMT
>Message-ID: <52ct7m$fev@infoserv.rug.ac.be>
>WillCarney (willcarney@aol.com) wrote:
>: Could you take this design and also incorporate oxygen in a special
>: combustion chamber at the end?  Wouldn't that also increase the thrust
>: if you could get it to work.  You not only have the heated hydrogen from
>: the core, but the combustion as well.
>: Just a thought.
>Check out
>for a review of that idea. It indeed increases the thrust, but lowers the
>ISP. Using lunar oxygen makes it really worthwhile.
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