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Re: starship-design: possible toolbar map error?

At 11:49 AM 8/6/96, Kevin 'Tex' Houston wrote:
>I checked the image map code and it looks strange to me.
>you have:
><A href="../Lit_org_map.GIF.map">
><IMG border=0 src="../Lit_org_map.GIF" ISMAP ALT="[image-map]">
>I see two possible reasons for it not working.
>1) The <A href> line has a .GIF and a .MAP  this could be confusing the server
>2) I have found that somethimes, in order to get maps to work, you must
>     give the complete URL.  Using the base href doesn't always work.
>2a)  you might have to put it in a sub-directory called cgi-bin.
>hope this helps
>Kevin "Tex" Houston 	http://umn.edu/~hous0042/index.html

Thanks.  The other maps worked outside of a sub directory (when converted
for Daves system) and gave the same error before conversion.  So I'm hoping
It'll work when instaled.  If not, well at least they all reference the
same central map and Gif.

I really wish I could test it on my system before I upload it.  Or even
completly test it on Daves before Its uploaded to LIT.  (The Map standards
need to get settled in HTML land.)


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