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Re: starship-design: Re: The Size of the Problem

At 5:35 PM 8/6/95, Timothy van der Linden wrote:
>Kevin Replied:
>>> A few plausible ways around the problem (requiring extensions of
>>> physics, however) come to mind:
>>>      1. Find some process to make antimatter which does not ....
>>My (limited) understanding is that unless Quarks are made up of even smaller
>>particles (hints of which have been bandied about) this is not possible.
>Only 2 months ago I saw a report from I believe the Fermilab that they had
>some minor clues that quarks might have a substructure (it must be on the
>web somewhere).
>However, why is a substructure necessary? It is already known that quarks
>can change flavour under influence of the weak force. Take for example:
>n -> p + e- where a down-quark is changed in an up-quark

Interesting,  I'll have to remenber that.  I heard (and partially
understand/remember) that their was some thought that if you do an N-space
rotation to convert quarks from up to down you could convert the partical
they form from matter to anti-matter.  Never heard of 'fliping' the quarks
via the weak force.  (How do you generate the weak force?)

Thanks for the info.  I was going to assume a trick like the forst one was
used by the systems in my next SF book.  (I'm glad it wasn't disproved or
something!)  ;)



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