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Re: starship-design: Update to the dev. LIT

At 4:28 PM 8/6/96, Zenon Kulpa wrote:
>> From: kgstar@most.fw.hac.com (Kelly Starks x7066 MS 10-39)
>> I've uploaded the next draft of the LIT stuff I was working on.  The bannor
>> gifs have been cleaned up a bit.  The map gif for bouncing around LIT has
>> larger characters (hope it helps Zenon).
>Yes, now it looks OK.
>However, the imagemap does not work properly -
>with my Netscape 2.0 (on UNIX) instead of jumping to appropriate page,
>I get a request to download the .map file...

True, I forgot to mention those maps woun't work untill loaded into the
final SunSite (or whatever) area and set to their config.  (Which is one
reason I made one central map that is called by all the subpages.)

>> The List of WEB links in the
>> Library has been sorted out more, and the text colors have been adjusted
>> for more visibility.
>Yes, now they look much nicer.


>May I indulge my appetites for proofreading of other pages too?  ;-))
>(when time permits - just now I am rather busy,
>writing a veeery learned paper for a conference in Germany...)
>-- Zenon

Proof to your hearts content.  :)


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