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Re: starship-design: testing testing...

At 11:50 PM 7/25/96, Steve VanDevender wrote:
>KellySt@aol.com writes:
> > The origionator will get two copies unles you cut his name out of
> > the address list.
>lists.uoregon.edu is running sendmail 8.7.5, which is typically
>configured to not send duplicate copies of messages to someone who is
>named more than once (directly or indirectly) in the recipient list of a
>You should get only one copy of this message, I think.

But, since I was getting two addresses listed in the meassage "reply to"
list, one being the origionator and one being the list.  Eudora would
address both paths.  The origionator would get one reply forwarded from the
list server, and another sent directly.  This has been a problem on other
list servers I've been on.

Or are you saying your sender cross checks the CC lists for duplicates to
someone on the list, and doesn't send to them?


I guess this message should be a test.  It lists you and my home account
directly, and the list itself.


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