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Re: (Re:)^3 Doppler effect

Hi Steve, Rex

Here some information that may solve problems/answer questions:

Steve wrote:

>Sigh.  I don't have MS Word 6.0; my home computer runs Linux.  Perhaps
>you could induce MS Word 6.0 to print your paper as Postscript, so you
>could send the Postscript to me?  I would think given all the other
>features of MS Word this should be possible.  I do have a good
>Postscript viewer for Linux.  As long as the printed version is less
>than 5 megabytes in size I will have no problem receiving it.

To Steve:
There is a Word 6.0 viewer/print program freely available on the web, it
runs only under Windows 3.11&95 though. The web-address should be:


To Rex:

I tested this a few minutes ago. It is indeed possible to print in
PostScript format. You have to follow a few steps. First try and find your
Windows installation diskettes. Then start Windows and go to the menu Main
and click Configuration. There one of the icons tells Printers, click on
that and the printer menu opens. Select Append>> there you will find a long
list of possible printers, somewhere in that list you can find "PostScript
Printer". Once you found it click Install and you will be asked for a
installation diskette.
OK, almost done, if everything is right, you should have installed the
Postscript printer.
All you have to do now is to print the document via Word. In Word press the
PRINT button and the Print Menu will pop up (I assume), there you can select
the printer you want, instead of your normal laserprinter, select PostScript
printer. OK the final important thing is that you of course don't want to
print to your non-existing postscript printer, but to a file, therefore you
should find inside the "print setup"-menu the button Options. Instead of
print-to-printer, select print-to-encapsulated-postscript-file, do not enter
a file name! OK go back to the main print-menu and press print-document, you
will be asked for a filename to print to. Well well, Windows makes it easy ;)