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RE: Ocean stuff

At 10:43 AM 7/16/96, David Levine wrote:
>>Frankly I can't see what practical reason their would be to create a
>>floating city in mid ocean anyway (I have some debates about this with
>>people on the Millenium project).  But it is a interesting topic, and Dave
>>wanted a Marine sciences and development section.  So I'm looking for
>>interesting links to populate it.
>Heh - don't get me started on this one... I can give you a LOT of reasons.
>Remember, you're talking to an ocean engineer by education.

Oh, forgot I hit reply all.  ;)

Actually I'ld be interested in your reasons.  Both out of curiosity and for
research for a future novel.

Hey a faq sheet would be good to!


Web links?


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