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Post cold war terrorists

Anyone read the June 17th Aviation Week articals on potential biological,
chemical, and nuclear terrorist atacks and their liklyhood?  High lights:

- The nerve gas attack in Tokyo last year only maimed 5000 and killed 12.
Thats was becase the dispenser broke.  If it had functioned normally
fatalities could have exceeded 10,000!  They were sending members out to
try to get samples of Ebola.

- Two wacos in Minnisota had produced Ricin (a bean bio toxin) and were
intending to strike local community governments.

- Warhead security in Russia is erratic.  Once they take apart the warheads
the weapons grade material is turned over to their department of energy,
who has little security.

- Estimates are the liklyhood of a US city being hit by a Nuck have
continued to increase since the end of the cold war.

- Estimates plance the amount of weaopns grade material lost or stollen
from Russia as atleast as much as all the weapons grade produced in the
first 3 years of the Manhattan project.




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