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SSRT: Flight no. 2 apparently successful; DC-XA renamed

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>Subject: SSRT: Flight no. 2 apparently successful; DC-XA renamed
>Date: Fri, 7 Jun 1996 16:08:37 -0600
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>I haven't found a press release or other formal statement on the second
>(today's) DC-XA flight yet, but judging from the satellite video feed, it
>appears to have been a success. Chris Cooley generously volunteered to tape
>and digitize this morning's flight, and the resulting images and QuickTime
>movie are available from either:
>        http://gargravarr.cc.utexas.edu/delta-clipper/dcxa-flight-2/index.html
>        ftp://ftp.utexas.edu/pub/ssrt/images/dcxa-flight-2/
>The movie is nearly 11 megabytes in size, so the Web site may well be
>overloaded (I'm using some relatively low-capacity server software at the
>moment), so try the FTP site if the Web site gives you any trouble.
>If you need QuickTime viewer software for your platform, see:
>        http://quicktime.apple.com/qt/sw/sw.html
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>From: baalke@kelvin.jpl.nasa.gov (Ron Baalke)
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>Subject: DC-XA Renamed for Space Pioneer
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>Date: 7 Jun 1996 11:28:07 -0700
>Organization: Jet Propulsion Laboratory
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>James Cast
>Headquarters, Washington, DC             June 7, 1996
>(Phone:  202/358-1779)
>RELEASE:  96-114
>     NASA Administrator Daniel S. Goldin today announced
>that the Agency's experimental DC-XA flight vehicle -- a
>vertical takeoff and landing rocket ship -- will
>be re-named "Clipper Graham" in honor of the late Lt.
>General Daniel O. Graham.
>     "NASA is committed to developing and demonstrating
>reusable launch vehicle technologies.  Graham was a
>visionary who championed the promise of fully reusable
>single-stage-to-orbit vehicles at a time when the majority
>of the space community were skeptics.  We're doing this in
>commemoration of his vision in opening the space frontier,"
>Goldin said.
>      Formerly called the Delta Clipper, the four-story DC-
>XA is currently conducting a series of unmanned flight tests
>in New Mexico for NASA.  The project was conceived to
>provide NASA's Reusable Launch Vehicle Program with an
>early, small scale flight demonstration of advanced
>technologies required by reusable launch vehicles.   The DC-
>XA, developed by the Department of Defense, incorporates the
>latest advances in technology, propulsion systems and
>composite materials.
>      A West Point graduate, Graham served in a number of
>high military and government posts including Deputy Director
>of the Central Intelligence Agency and Director of the
>Defense Intelligence Agency. He also founded and became
>Chairman of the Space Transportation Association to assure
>continued U.S. leadership and superiority in providing
>reliable, economical space transportation systems.
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