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New load

Good news/ bad news

I uploaded new drafts of all my web stuff into Daves server / W/S.

Bad news, it doesn't seem to work right.  At least not all the time.

Anyway.  The big changes are some text clean-ups and a set of graphical
table of content maps.  So if you enter

You will get the main Starship design project entry page (Which I made
pretty flash I hope!) with a hyerarchical TOC to the other stuff.
Selecting a bar for the status repoty will bounce you to that report.
Selecting a bar for a subsection will bounce you there.  This table and the
main (default.htm) TOC table in the Explorer_Class folder

( )

Are actually tables with .gifs for each button.  I did that so something
would work (I can't test maps on my station) and because I thought they'ld
be esier to modify.  It works, but the images don't all seem to down load.
(DAVE!  If this a general problem or something specific to your W/S.)

Once you enter a document (as apposed to a TOC page) the TOC at the start
of the doc is a Map file.  They don't seem to work right.  If you select
the bannor (say the strip that says "The Explorer Class Starship" with the
graphic and my name at the top) it will bounce you to the next higher level
(the TOC or project main TOC) but if you select a band that should jump to
a subset of the current doc it can't find it.

Anyway please bounce around and see what you think.  Specifically check out
the StarShip Design Project main TOC.

(  )

and the Explorer class Toc

( )

Please tell me which looks better, or if I should keep the two separte looks.

when I named docs  default.html the browser didn't bring them up from a

( )

like selection, but did when I labled them defaul.htm.  Was this a
transient (I had access problems to your machine (or maby the browser got
lost in my tests?).  Any hint?

I'll test and fix things as time permits.

Hope you like the new look!



Kelly Starks                       Internet: kgstar@most.fw.hac.com
Sr. Systems Engineer
Magnavox Electronic Systems Company
(Magnavox URL: http://www.fw.hac.com/external.html)