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Re: more physics (short)

>>>No the numbers were not based on an engineering output.  That was supposed
>>>to be the direct output from the reactions.  Could be I misread something
>>>and the 14E6 number was for something else (though I can't see what).
>>I don't know, but I've been discussing this with Rex lately and he thinks
>>that the efficiency of a DIRECT fusion engine may be low. With direct I mean
>>that one doesn't convert the kinetic energy of the reaction products to
>Why?  The velocities seem to be similar to the 'optimum' velocities in your
>table.  I thought you figured that by the time you converted the particals
>momentum to elec, and then convert that elec back to the exaust velocity of
>a mass it would all come out even?  (Give or take a lot of tonage of power
>Please CC me if you have anything.

It has to do with the fact that one needs to build up pressure in the engine
so that all reaction products get a more or less even velocity.
Then the particles can be directed to a "hole" (the outlet) in the engine.
It is the question if the pressure can be build up, since a lot of the
energy will be radiated away, we may be talking about million degrees here.
Maybe particles can be contained but black body radiation is hard to keep in.
This way there will probably be to much losses, therefore it may be best to
capture that heat rightaway and turn it into electricity.