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Physics question 2

In case your woundering, the procedure I used to conver MeV to Watts/kg was:

Power is given in Million electron volts (MeV). An electron volt is equal
to 1.60219 E-19 Joule, and a Joule /
sec is equal to a Watt. Mass in this case is the number of Protons and
neutrons involved in the reaction. They
each weigh about 1.673 E-27 kg. So since p + 11B has 12 P's and N's per
8.68 MeV reaction. (Note I'm
ignoring electrons. Life's to short, they're too light).

          8.7 MeV
          = 8.7 E6 eV  per  12 * 1.673 E-27 kg
          = 4.324 E32 eV  per  / kg
          = 6.926 E13 watts / kg     (1 ev/second = 1.60219 E-19
Joule / sec)
                                             1 j/s = Watt



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