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Re: Re: The future...etc.

> From kgstar@most.fw.hac.com Wed May 15 16:18:57 1996
> Did we ever discus this idea?  Any interest?
> Kelly
> >Date: Mon, 18 Mar 1996 17:47:57 -0500
> >From: DotarSojat@aol.com
> >
> >What would you think about modifying the purpose of the Project
> >slightly?  In a Reusable Launch Vehicle Study I ran 30 years
> >ago (my, how time flies!), we had a purpose you might consider
> >for this Project.  The purpose was (paraphrased, because the
> >Report is in my office 26 miles away, and I don't plan on
> >going in there in the near future) (1) to make an internally
> >consistent comparison of the different options, with conceptual
> >design only in enough detail to allow rating them regarding
> >feasibility and cost, and (2) to determine the advancements in
> >technology in relation to current levels required to make them
> >achievable. 
> >
My proposal to compile a "Design Space" survey,
was directed roughly toward the same goal, esp. the point (1) above,
in addition to provide a sort of summary of our
previous discussions and achievements.
After my first, very fragmentaric sketch,
Kelly attempted to write an extended version
which he posted on our list and put on his WWW pages.
However, his version is more like his personal opinion
on certain issues (some of them quite controversial
among us here) rather than impartial summary
of the discussions or awailable options.
It (like my sketch) also does not cover the full "design space" anyway.
Thus more work towards the Design Space idea
would be necessary. If only I had more time :-(
I would attempt to prepare my extended version of it,
or at least comment extensively on Kelly's...

As to the point (2) above, we also briefly started
something along this line - remember short discussion
originated by me on technological progress
in propulsion, AI and nanotechnology necessary
to make the starship idea workable?

So, generally, I am FOR making the Dotar idea 
a central issue of our work here...


-- Zenon