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Re: Physic help

> >>f = The fuel factor = (Total mass of the fuel) divided by (mass of the
> >>that can be converted to energy).
> >
> >Oh yeah.  Thats why I never used that table.  Strange number.  How would I
> >find out what the fuel factor number for any of my fuels is?  (Yeah ok you
> >added the equation below, but thats not a big help for someone tring to
> >the table.)  Or, why would you use the fuel factor in a table?

> I personally find it not a stange number at all, it shows very clear what
> part of the initial mass can be converted to energy (for anti-matter&matter
> mixture f=1, or said differently, all mass can be converted to energy).

True, after you do the calculation, but initself not a very helpfull number.
 In this case, its sort of an intermediate step in a calculation, rather than
a usefull result in itself.  Also kind of confusing.

> I assumed that everyone who would read my document did know about E=mc^2
> thus could calculate it (as you could see the calculation was rather
> straight forward.

Only after you remenber the units of measure that are to be used in the
equation.  An exaple WITH UNITS does help a lot.