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Re: Physic help

Timothy van der Linden writes:
 > >I was runing it through the programs on the LIT servers computer center.
 > >Do you know if their is an error in that software?
 > I'm not sure, I only used it once. I think Steve did check several programs
 > once and found one to be not correct.

I only recall checking the relativistic acceleration/time/distance
program, but it was incorrect.

The correct equation to use is:

t = c / a * acosh(1 + a * d / c^2)


a = acceleration (m/s^2)
d = distance (m)
t = time (s)
c = speed of light (m/s) (duh)
acosh = inverse hyperbolic cosine

I recall the program in the LIT archives used alog (inverse common
logarithm) instead, apparently because it was translated from BASIC to C
by a rather poor automated translator.