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LIT (and other) Disasters

Okay, slight problem here.

Yesterday at around 7 or 8 PM, my system crashed.  Hard.
I have been here since then trying to fix it.  It is now 6:30 AM.
My system now sort of works, but EVERYTHING is gone.
This means all of Kelly's Explorer documents.  This means
the other LIT pages I've been editing when I get a chance.
This also means a hell of a lot of my actual work, too.  Luckily,
all my source code is backed up with Visual Source Safe.
But a lot of little minor things aren't backed up... and, well,
they add up.

Anyway, I have a conference to go to next week where
we're demoing this software package I've been working on
to a lot of people.  I was behind already.  Now I think I have
to be here around the clock until we leave.

Anyway, the upshot of all of this is that I may not have time
over the next week or two to reset up all the accounts again.
I'll try, but I can't promise anything.

And Kelly... (and anyone else who happened to upload)...
I sure hope you have a backup of the Explorer stuff.  I wish I
had more backups for my stuff.


(Oh, BTW, this refers to the LIT staging-prototype server-type
thingy...not the SunSITE address...)