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Re: Physic help

Timothy van der Linden writes:
 > >>What isn't mentioned in your fusion reactions is that within the engine
 > >>probably many photons are generated too. You should see these photons just
 > >>as a form of energy and not as an ingredient of the reaction.
 > >
 > >Supposedly not.  Thats why the reactions have virtually no radiation, and
 > >virtually all the energy can be converted to electricity.
 > I'm a bit amazed by that, maybe not initially but as soon as the particles
 > start colliding with each other I think photons may be created. I don't know
 > when or why photons are created, but I assume that something like blackbody
 > radiation will certainly create a bunch of them. Rex, do you know about that?

My understanding of what would happen is that in energetic collisions,
electrons would get displaced in their orbits by mutual repulsion
between the electron shells of the colliding atoms.  When the electrons
snap back to their original orbits, they radiate photons.  Since heat is
just statistically random motion on a small scale, that's why hot
objects radiate.

 > Yes that's right, but keep in mind that these ratios are just for
 > acceleration or deceleration, if you want to accelerate and decelerate
 > without refilling in between then square the numbers (40^2=200).

40^2 is 1600.  Much, much worse.