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Insult to Injury

First, a possible solution to Kelly's dilemma:

Why not launch a fuel tank ahead of the explorer.  This would be an automated 
drone that would carry the decell fuel.  This could be launched using an 
ion beam/mag sail combination.  Since there would be no crew to worry 
about, acceleration could be several G's without difficulty. 
assuming a .3C cruise speed, the drone gets pushed to .29C, and rendevous 
takes place at the halfway point. The tanker is launched only a few 
months ahead of the explorer, so the ship should be able to "see" their 
tanker at all times.  since we are adding an ion cannon (instead of a 
fuel launcher or a maser array) the explorer could use that system to get 
up to some speed, further saving on accel fuel.

Also, maybe some form of charged-wire magnetic brake would help here, I 
know we dismissed these for near light-speed ships, but perhaps at .3C 
the explorer could benefit from it.

Not to kick a man when he's down, but I heard a funny joke that 
I can twist to fit the occasion: 

Three sub-warp ships pull into Deep-space Nine at the same time.
An anti-matter Rocket, a MARS, and a Fusion rocket.

all three captains go into Quark's bar and order drinks.

The captain of the Anti-matter Rocket says "give me a R.A."
Quark smiles and says "One Romulan Ale, coming up"

The captain of the MARS says "give me a S.B."
Again Quark smiles and says "One Saurian Brandy coming up"

The captain of the Fusion Rocket says "give me a Fifteen"
Quark frowns and says "fifteen? Whats a fifteen?"
the captain says "Seven and Seven, What else?"

(who knows what it feels like to be slapped in the face by the cold hand 
of reality)

PS Don't give up so easily Kelly, There may yet be a way around your