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Re: Long range scans of T.C. I ;)

At 12:11 PM 5/1/96, Kevin C Houston wrote:
>The first images from the fly-by recon mission are in
>planet I is definetly a water world, and may have life.
>check out
>PS  you must have netscape 2.0 to see it spin.  The animation sequence
>may be useful to show mission plans.
>PPS I'm only sending this to show off my web skills.  If we could have
>gotten this much info from a flyby recon mission, we wouldn't be
>sending a human

Looks cool Kevin.  Pity I don't have netscape 2.  I guess with the eternal
winter your geting in minnisota you have time to kill phantasizing about
Tau Ceti.  ;)
Seriously, I'm playing web cutting games too.  I worked up graphical maps
for tables of contents of my docs, but I don't have support software here
to test it, and don't know what Dave has on his machine. (HELLO DAVE, ARE

Well if nothing else it looks cool.  I'll upload it as probably
non-functional and hope for the best.

AS for the PPS.  Me can get down to photo recon images of Tau C.'s planets
from BIG telescope arrays back here.  If we don't get down and check some
chemistry and high res and disect some stuff, no ones going to spend enough
to send us or a robot.  Note that Tau is withing the range of My Explorer
class anyway.  So what do I care.  ;)



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