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SSRT: SAS Action Alert 4/22/96 (fwd)

Date: Tue, 23 Apr 1996 09:30:54 -0700 (MST)
From: Donald Doughty <doughtd@pr.erau.edu>
To: DC-X <delta-clipper@world.std.com>
Subject: SAS Action Alert 4/22/96 (fwd)

Subject: SAS Action Alert 4/22/96

           Space Access Society Political Action Alert 4/22/96

The full House Science Committee will "mark up" (review and modify) an
omnibus funding bill that includes NASA's FY'97 budget authorization.  The
markup is scheduled for this Wednesday, April 24th.

We ask that you check the attached list of Science Committee members, and
if you live in or near one's district, call or fax his or her office as
soon as possible, by Wednesday morning if possible, and ask them to
_preserve full funding for NASA's X-33 Reusable Launch Vehicle program._

If you don't find anyone nearby on the list, it would be useful to call or
fax the office of George Brown (D CA), ranking Science minority member.

 - Background

Between the "train wreck" and the election coming up, time is tight in the
Congress - there was no separate Space Subcommittee markup; this markup in
the full Science Committee is it for the House version of NASA's FY'97
authorization.  FY'97 begins this October 1st.

The pre-markup version of the bill gives NASA their full request for the
X-33/RLV (Reusable Launch Vehicle) program.  There are significant cuts
from the level requested by the White House in other areas, however - in
particular, Mission To Planet Earth (MTPE) is cut from $1.4 billion to $1
billion.  There is likely to be a strong move to restore the full MTPE
funding at the expense of X-33/RLV.

We need to urgently ask Science Committee members to NOT take money from
X-33/RLV to restore Mission To Planet Earth cuts.

We have nothing against Mission To Planet Earth in principle; more and
better data is in our view always a good thing.  We prefer not to get into
the debate about how well or badly MTPE as currently planned would work.

We believe, however, that significantly reducing the cost of getting to
space ASAP should be NASA's top priority, since it would enable better
returns for money spent across the entire range of NASA's space activities,
MTPE included.

If you call, keep it short and polite - you're likely talking to an
overworked underpaid staffer.  Tell them you're calling about the NASA
X-33/Reusable Launch Vehicle program; they may then switch you over to a
space-specialist staffer, or they may ask you what they can do for you.
Either way, tell them you'd like them to preserve full funding for the
X-33/RLV program, give them a quick reason why - you feel it's important
for the future of the space program to cut access costs will do, if you're
not feeling creative.  If they have any questions, answer them as best you
can; if not, thank them for their time and ring off.

If you fax, keep it short and polite (one page max).  State your main point
right at the start, then if you feel like it give a paragraph or two in
support.  The idea is to make it easy for that same overworked underpaid
staffer - if yours is the only fax they see, it should be concise and
persuasive; if it's the hundredth, they should be able to tell at a glance
what you're asking for and add it to the totals.

Welcome to the FY'97 affordable access budget battles - and thanks in
advance for your help!

             ** House Committee on Science, Members List **

 (Chairman, full Science Committee)    voice          fax
  Walker, Robert S. (R-16 PA)        1-202-225-2411 1-202-225-2484

 (Ranking Minority Member, full Science Committee)
  Brown Jr., George E. (D-42 CA)     1-202-225-6161 1-202-225-8671

 (Chairman, Space Subcommittee)
  Sensenbrenner, F. James (R-09 WI)  1-202-225-5101 1-202-225-3190

 (Ranking Minority Member, Space Subcommittee)
  Hall, Ralph M. (D-04 TX)           1-202-225-6673 1-202-225-3332

       (alphabetical by states)
       * member of Space Subcommittee

                                       voice          fax
 *Cramer, Robert (D-05 AL)           1-202-225-4801 1-202-225-4392

 *Salmon, Matt (R-01 AZ)             1-202-225-2635 1-202-225-2607

 *Calvert, Ken (R-43 CA)             1-202-225-1986 1-202-225-2004
 *Harman, Jane (D-36 CA)             1-202-225-8220 1-202-226-0684
 *Rohrabacher, Dana (R-45 CA)        1-202-225-2415 1-202-225-7067
 *Seastrand, Andrea (R-22 CA)        1-202-225-3601 1-202-226-1015
  Baker, Bill (R-10 CA)              1-202-225-1880 1-202-225-2150
  Lofgren, Zoe (D-16 CA)             1-202-225-3072 1-202-225-9460

 *Foley, Mark (R-16 FL)              1-202-225-5792 1-202-225-1860
 *Weldon, Dave (R-15 FL)             1-202-225-3671 1-202-225-9039
 *Hastings, Alcee (D-23 FL)          1-202-225-1313 1-202-225-0690

  Fawell, Harris W. (R-13 IL)        1-202-225-3515 1-202-225-9420

 *Roemer, Tim (D-03 IN)              1-202-225-3915 1-202-225-6798

 *Tiahrt, Todd (R-04 KS)             1-202-225-6216 1-202-225-5398

 *Ward, Mike (R-03 KY)               1-202-225-5401

  Hayes, James A. (D-07 LA)          1-202-225-2031 1-202-225-1175

  Olver, John W. (D-01 MA)           1-202-225-5335 1-202-226-1224

  Morella, Constance (R-08 MD)       1-202-225-5341 1-202-225-1389
  Bartlett, Roscoe G. (R-06 MD)      1-202-225-2721 1-202-225-2193

 *Barcia, James (D-05 MI)            1-202-225-8171 1-202-225-2168
  Ehlers, Vernon (R-03 MI)           1-202-225-3831 1-202-225-5144
  Rivers, Lynn (D-13 MI)             1-202-225-6261 1-202-225-0489

 *Luther, William (D-06 MN)          1-202-225-2271 1-202-225-9802
  Gutknecht, Gil (R-01 MN)           1-202-225-2472 1-202-225-0051
  Minge, David (D-02 MN)             1-202-225-2331 1-202-226-0836

  McCarthy, Karen (D-05 MO)          1-202-225-4535 1-202-225-5990

  Myrick, Sue (R-09 NC)              1-202-225-1976 1-202-225-8995

  Schiff, Steven H. (R-01 NM)        1-202-225-6316 1-202-225-4975

  Boehlert, Sherwood (R-23 NY)       1-202-225-3665 1-202-225-1891

 *Traficant, James (D-17 OH)         1-202-225-5261 1-202-225-3719

 *Largent, Steve (R-01 OK)           1-202-225-2211 1-202-225-9187

  Weldon, Curt (R-07 PA)             1-202-225-2011 1-202-225-8137
  Doyle, Michael (D-18 PA)           1-202-225-2135 1-202-225-7747
  McHale, Paul (D-15 PA)             1-202-225-6411 1-202-225-5320

  Graham, Lindsey (R-03 SC)          1-202-225-5301 1-202-225-5383

 *Hilleary, Van (R-04 TN)            1-202-225-6831 1-202-225-4520
  Wamp, Zach (R-03 TN)               1-202-225-3271 1-202-225-6974
  Tanner, John S. (D-08 TN)          1-202-225-4714 1-202-225-1765

 *Stockman, Steve (R-09 TX)          1-202-225-6565 1-202-225-1584
 *Lee, Sheila Jackson (D-18 TX)      1-202-225-3816 1-202-225-6186
  Barton, Joseph (R-06 TX)           1-202-225-2002 1-202-225-3052
  Geren, Peter (D-12 TX)             1-202-225-5071 1-202-225-2786
  Johnson, Eddie Bernice (D-30 TX)   1-202-225-8885 1-202-226-1477
  Doggett, Lloyd (D-10 TX)           1-202-225-4865 1-202-225-3018

 *Davis, Tom (R-11 VA)               1-202-225-1492 1-202-225-2274

  Cubin, Barbara (R-WY)              1-202-225-2311 1-202-225-0726