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Re: new web site/status report

At 7:00 PM 4/11/96, Zenon Kulpa wrote:
>> From kgstar@most.fw.hac.com Wed Apr 10 23:06:10 1996
>> P.S.S.
>> By the way, I was wounderin.  DID ANYONE LOOK AT THE NEW WEB PAGES!!??  the
>> ones under Explorer_Class, Status_Report, and Support_Craft at Daves
>> Theres 50 - 60 pages of stuff up there so I expected some comment from
>Kelly, feel relieved  ;-)
>I have had currently no time to take active part in the discussions,
>even my reading of the stuff rarely achieves the 10% mark...
>But seeing the above cry for attention, I did make a peep...
>The contents seems quite impressive, though the form not so much
>(e.g., I can't figure what some huge photos really portray, and why?).

Some are decorative.  (the delta ship fling past the station with the
turbulat wake.  I liked the wake!)  Others need updating, but I figured
I'ld see what parts were, and wern't clear to people.

>I would have lots of comments and remarks,
>and some probably quite agitated -
>do you remember our quarrels, Kelly?  :-(

Oh yeah!

>However, no time now.
>Be prepared, though - you do not know the day... ;-))
>-- Zenon Kulpa

Take your best shot.  ;)


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