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new web site/status report.

Hey Kelly, I want a word with you.   >:-)

I read your status report on the new server. ( a overall good job, but 
that's beside the point) 

I wish to take extreme umbrage where you stated (and I quote) 

"How far did we get so far?  Well we have a couple ideas that might 
work.  The Explorer class could get you to the nearer star systems in a 
usable amount of time; if can mine enough fuel to feed them, and can pay 
for all the infrastructure they'd need.  The microwave powered craft have 
some bugs (and an incredible thirst for power) so they might not be 
possible, and are very likely to be extreemly impractical."

"extreemly (sic) impractical."?  I beg to differ.  The Mars design is far 
more practical (At 1G continuous thrust) than any other design on the 
table.  Show me another design that gets us there as fast.  Even the 
antimatter rockets can't get up to .99 lightspeed with a mass ratio of 52.  
Yes, they're going to be big and hungry, but considering the benefits in 
time dialation, I think it's well worth the cost.

You obviously can't be trusted with being impartial where our respective 
designs are involved  ;)  Therefore I have no choice but to help you in 
this matter to assure a fair and even treatment for the MARS.

That said, I must say I like the overall design and summary, as well as the 
cool headers.  May I redesign Kelly_bar.jpg for myself, so as to maintain 
the document's overall integrity?