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Re: Comparison of Sail vs. RAM (Was Laser Aperture Size)

At 8:45 AM 3/28/96, Kevin C Houston wrote:
>> Lee:
>> >Assuming it doesn't require more power to rotate the particle than the
>> >energy it produces...
>> More power than a mater anti mat reaction?  Humm.
>> >Funny you should new tricks and quantums in the same breath though. Did you
>> >know that quantum energy appears spontaneously in space? Hmmmm....
>> Zero point energy?  Yeah, interesting and potentially huge.
>You guys never cease to amaze me.  My maser Idea, which although requires
>some large RM loads, _might_ work -- this you dismiss as "unworkable".
>Then you go on to talk about changing matter into anti-matter, and
>quantum zero-point energy (the ultimate free lunch)  hmmm...

Oh the RM doesn't bother me.  I'm just not as confident as you that you can
find a point where you can get decel thrust greater than the 'sail' thrust.
Also the micro wave array requiered seems over the top.

The two of us were just talking about speculated future physics tricks that
might solve our delemas.

>Not to critize, just thought it was interesting.  I got my system back
>up, I will try to re-work the original MARS idea, to see just how much
>extra RM is needed.

Ok.  I hope to finish the rough of my Explorer class and status report
pages.  (The Explorer will be a very chunky bugger!)  Hopefully we can
wrough in a Mars draft soon too.  (What did MARS stand for anyway?)



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