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Re: Comparison of Sail vs. RAM (Was Laser Aperture Size)

At 9:05 PM 3/27/96, L. Parker wrote:
>At 08:40 AM 3/22/96 -0500, you wrote:

>>My Explorer class with its externalkly feed fussion rockets could certainly
>>get itself up to .3 c and probably back down again, assuming less rediculas
>>amounts of power, but a hell of a lot of fusion isotopes.
>Most of the research I've seen support .3c from a ramship type of vehicle.
>If you can make the extra fuel idea work, then you could probably get even

Most of the stuff we found suggests ram ships are impractical to impossible
to make work.  (Bummed us out too.)

>>Well It doesn't have to be that complicated!  Gravity assist is obviously
>>of no use unless you find a black hole near by (To little power for our
>>needs.) but you could say use a sail to boost the ship up to speed (.3c)
>>here.  Pull in the sail and store it for the cruse, then use fusion rockets
>>to decel into the target system.  To get back, refuel and boost out of the
>>system using the rockets, and deploy the sail for deceleration into Sol.
>Actually the gravity assist manuever combined with sails works BETTER in
>deep gravity wells of large STARS. Sails don't help much around black holes!

Yeah, but the gravity assist and solar sail delta-V potential is too
trivial to worry about.

>>I do know what you mean about discouraging thou.  It seems like were not
>>going to be able to realisticly build a usable starship without some new
>>tricks from physisits.  The only adaquate power source now is anti-mater,
>>but thats not really usable or practical.  Perhaps a mater conversion
>>system?  So physisits are talking about possibility of rotating the quantum
>>particals to convert a partical of mattar to anti-mater.  If this could be
>>done on demand the ships could have the power to weight ratio's of
>>anti-matter without the danger of bulk anti-matter storage, or the current
>>cost of antimatter production.
>Assuming it doesn't require more power to rotate the particle than the
>energy it produces...

More power than a mater anti mat reaction?  Humm.

>Funny you should new tricks and quantums in the same breath though. Did you
>know that quantum energy appears spontaneously in space? Hmmmm....

Zero point energy?  Yeah, interesting and potentially huge.



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