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Brian Going Off-line

I've got some bad, bad news.  Well, it is probably good news for my GPA but 
not for the LIT discussion group.

First off, I wasn't able to finish the Argosy paper.  I did get a start on 
it, but I quickly realized that I had far more homework to do over break 
that I had first estimated.  So I decided that I needed to turn my attention 
to that.

Since I only have 4 weeks of school left this semester and a lot of work 
ahead of me (and I do mean a mother load), I'm going off-line here.  Even if 
your e-mails get through, I won't be reading them.  Don't worry, I'll do 
what I can to get an e-mail address this summer and I'll see about finishing 
that Argosy paper.   Anyway, its calculus time for now and I just can't 
divide my brain power between that and the Asimov.  When I try, invariably 
the Asimov wins out and that leaves my test grades in the D or F range. 
 Sorry for the temporary dropout guys but  I'll tell you what.  This design 
project has been a lot of fun and I'm not through with it yet.

Live long through relativistic travel.