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Re: Laser Aperture Size

> !!!  If your getting about a G of decel out of a charged sail, You could
> adgust the sail so it only reflected absorbed enough to keep the sail
> charged.  (It would act like a sheet as long as the voltage could stop the
> mass farther out then the gaps in the mesh.)  Given that that power should
> be much less than the amount to push the ship at 1G.  You'ld cut your
> forward thrust, and THE SAIL WOULD ACT LIKE A BRAKE!  That might be the way
> to get your ship stoped at the target system.
> Why didn't you follow up on, or talk more about this?  Whats the dragdrop off?

As I said, The dropoff is rapid (from the crew's point of view) and 
leaves the ship going about .88(I have the numbers at home) of C.  I n 
addition, the sail would be subjected to extreme stress.  While this 
might be acceptable if you are expecting to use a lineac to finish your 
decell, it's too risky IMHO if you are expecting  are expecting to finish 
off with a sail.